Photograph Casa Batllo and win an exclusive masterclass with Oliver Vegas

From March 16th to April 6th if you take a photo of Casa Batllo´s facade of you could just win yourself an exclusive masterclass with a photography genius.

Oliver Vegas could not be happier. As stated in its Instagram, » I am very happy to be part of this initiative from Casa Batllo». And it is no wonder!

The Catalan photographer, greatly passionate about travelling and recognized for the quality of his photographs, for the use of light and the exceptional way of capturing the smallest of details that are present in the places that he portrays, has joined forces and creativity, to promote Casa Batllo´s idea of being able to organize a photography contest to captivate the exceptional facade of this architectural gem of Antoni Gaudí.

From March 16th to April 6th, anyone who wants to participate can, you only need to publish a photograph of the facade of the house in Instagram, sharing the #mifachadadecasabatllo hashtag. The most magical house in the world invites you to observe even the most hidden corner and incites you to discover it through a lens.

Among all participants, the twelve most creative, original, inspiring and attractive images will be chosen and then their authors will enjoy the masterclass given by Oliver Vegas at Casa Batllo on April 16th.

Feel all its magic, you’ll be seduced by its colors and shapes, all this whilst having the opportunity to learn photographic techniques in a unique setting!