Family visit with Virtual Reality for everyone

Gaudí is magical and at Casa Batlló we go to great lengths to ensure that children and adults alike enjoy an incredible experience. Art, light, colour and surprises: Discover the best cultural activity in Barcelona with free access for children up to 12 years old. Buy tickets

Immersive rooms

Enter a space that is unique in the world. A cube with screens on all of its sides where Gaudí’s magic will start to move around you.

Virtual Reality

Discover Gaudí’s creative universe and feel his inspiration thanks to a Tablet with Virtual Reality content.

360º projections

When he was a child, Gaudí used to observe nature and it never ceased to amaze him. Learn all about it in a rotating room with over 1,000 screens!

Interactive pictures

Casa Batlló keeps memories in its walls. Exploring its magical paintings will take you back in time and introduce you to the Batlló family.

The Batllós' private residence

A trip back into the past in first class. We reopen the space on the first floor inhabited by the intimate, furnished splendor of the early 20th century.


Your visit to Casa Batlló is full of magic details that are sure to surprise you. Do you dare to find them?

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  • We offer this convenient alternative for children under the age of 2 and we will store your pushchair.

  • Pets are allowed to enter, as long as they are properly supervised by their owners and approved by the staff at Casa Batlló.