Letter from Director

Dear friends of Casa Batlló,

I would like to be able to express to all of you who are visiting our website just how exciting it is to be here, enjoying the house from day to day, managing activities and operations so that the structure which supports this valuable part of our heritage runs smoothly and translates into a satisfying experience for all our visitors.

We have taken on the challenge not only of managing and preserving this architectural treasure and World Heritage Site, but also of making it known to the world. What I am talking about is the importance of maintaining it in the best possible condition inside and out, and preventing it from suffering any damage or deterioration. We are proud to welcome all those who are keen to make themselves at home in Casa Batlló, by celebrating their most important events here. It is also an honour to welcome the hordes of visitors who wish to see, experience and enjoy the inside of this unique building, and who are carried away by its inexpressible magic.

I hope that this website will help you to understand the historical context in which Gaudí built this magnificent residential building over a century ago, on the orders of the wealthy textile industrialist Josep Batlló. We welcome any suggestions that you might have, and we constantly strive to improve any aspect that could contribute to our visitors’ comfort. We trust that the information and pictures that we have provided on this site will enchant you and persuade you to come and visit us in the flesh.

I hope to see you very soon!

Nina Bernat
Managing Director

Management team

Casa Batlló is currently privately managed entirely by the company Casa Batlló S.L.U.

From the outset, the current owners identified the importance of the cultural heritage and contributed to the full restoration of the building to make it shine in all its splendour, once again. In recent decades it has devoted time, effort and resources to financing the successive restoration works and ongoing maintenance of the building, and it is currently actively responsible for fully restoring the house, as regards both the structure and the decoration, with great enthusiasm and commitment.

Since 1995, Casa Batlló has rented out more than 1.000 m2 of modernist rooms for events, conventions and celebrations. Thanks to the unique nature and versatility of the rooms, their location, the attention to detail and rigorous selection of services companies, the demand to rent these spaces is well known and Casa Batlló hosts the most important celebrations in the city.

In 2002, coinciding with the International Year of Gaudí, Casa Batlló commenced the cultural tours with great enthusiasm, to make Gaudí’s architectural gem open to the world. It currently offers video tours in 11 languages, with extensive opening times, and a fantastic tour of the Main Floor, Building Well, Loft and the roof terrace with its Chimneys, as well as an avant-garde shop, where you can see own designs, and a collection of reproduction chairs handcrafted in wood. In summer, it offers an evening program, “Magic Nights”, allowing you to enjoy an evening in the Roof Terrace.

The management team is comprised of enthusiastic and creative people, and in recent years it has made great advances in technology, both in terms of audiovisual content, and in how it interacts with the visiting public through social networks, its powerful website, blog, online ticket sales, organising online competitions, publishing the Newsletter.

The booking management policies are characterised by flexibility in the booking management and close relations with the hotels and agencies we deal with on a daily basis, which eventually become important prescribers.

The brand

Casa Batlló is a private institution which is currently self-financing through its own resources thanks to a long and costly portfolio of prior investments, as well as the perseverance and caring dedication of its owners over many years in restoring, preserving and disseminating this exceptional work of architectural heritage.

With the legitimate motive of protecting this heritage, various registered trademarks exist, in different countries and categories, as regards both the name and the graphic image.

Casa Batlló’s graphical representation and its logo are a registered trademark, the ownership of which gives Casa Batlló S.L.U. the exclusive right of reproduction.

Through these records and the private ownership of the building, the images of Casa Batlló cannot be reproduced without prior written permission, whereby various licensees currently exist that manufacture products under license in areas of publishing, stationery, key rings, magnets, ceramic and resin items and textiles.

Application for Licensed Products

Request for Licence to use images

Request for Permission to make an audiovisual report

In any case, CASA BATLLÓ reserves the right to approve or reject the licenses and permissions relating to obtaining, using and disseminating the images and can apply the applicable tariffs in each case. In addition, with the aim of maintaining the proper functioning of cultural visits, on certain occasions these reports may be subject to certain time conditions.