Restoration of the main hall

Following new and surprising discoveries, we restore walls, ceilings and decorative elements of the original entrance of the Casa Batlló.

A journey to the origin to rediscover Casa Batlló

This video looks back over two years of restoration in which we have recovered the splendour of the façade, the Noble Floor and different decorative elements.

How the façade was restored

Professionals from 7 different fields have restored the façade, recovering all of its shine and authenticity. Discover the making of an historic intervention.

Discover the House's authentic skin

Following a surprising discovery, we are restoring the original coating of the Noble Floor, a treasure hidden by time that reveals the House's authentic skin.

21st century craftsmen

Lamps, ceramics, carpentry... This is how expert craftsmen have restored some of the House's iconic elements.

The voice of the experts

Members of the restoration team tell us about their experience.

"Antoni Gaudí's work represents an exceptional and outstanding creative contribution to the development of late 19th and early 20th Century architecture and construction technology"

Included in the World Heritage List in 2005