The roses from Casa Batlló flooded Instagram!

More than 10.000 images of Casa Batlló flooded Instagram during Sant Jordi 2017


Every April 23rd, Catalonia is filled with roses and books to celebrate the tradition of Sant Jordi. For two years, Casa Batlló has been helping Sant Jordi travel around the world, by making of the legend come alive on the façade with a spectacular and creative representation of red roses in the form of a vertical garden.

This year, at Casa Batlló we wanted to analyze the impact that « Drac & Roses » – the campaign that took place together with the Banc de Sang i Teixits – has had in the social networks visual quintessential: Instagram. This social network, where we recently surpassed the figure of 700 million users, is the social network that in generally grows the most, but above all, has proven to be the favorite to share cultural experiences.

Both the facade of the Casa Batlló covered with roses and the house´s inner courtyard with the rainfall of petals, have been the protagonist on more than 10,346 publications* on Instagram. The vast majority of publications were on April 23rd with more than 6,000 images recorded in one day, that is 250 images per hour and more than 4 per minute, absolutely amazing!!! The 10,346 photographs detected received a total of 1,418,203 likes*, that is the same or almost as many « likes » as there are inhabitants in the whole city of Barcelona. And if we analyze in more detail, the users who published the 10,346 photographs add up to a total of 31,070,755* followers, that is as many  inhabitants Peru has. Beyond the global data we wanted to know what the average publication was, and we have found out: a user with 3,003 followers, their photograph obtained 137 likes and 3.1 comments.

The users shared the beauty of the Casa Batlló on Sant Jordi´s day with various hashtags, among them the official one from the campaign #MésQueUnaRosa and the most generic of the holiday: # SantJordi2017. At Casa Batlló we have analyzed a multitude of hashtags and locations to extract the most realistic results possible.

Going deeper into the profiles of the users that published photos, we find a significant number of publications, specifically 64% made by users with less than 500 followers, and at the opposite pole almost 50 users with more than 100,000 followers.

followers Sant Jordi Casa Batllo

Surely you will be wondering what photograph was « the queen » of this year … In the moment of getting these results the photograph with the most amount of “likes » was the one taken by Òscar Giménez shared by the profile of @living_europe with almost 54,000  » likes ».

Sant Jordi Instagram

From Casa Batlló we wanted to share these results with all of you and also to thank all the more than 10,000 people who shared the beauty of the Casa Batlló in their Instagram profiles. As well we say how grateful we are to all those people who joined the charitable cause that was part of the campaign « Drac & Roses » and, in short, to say how much we appreciate all those people who made Sant Jordi, come back to tour the world!

* Data extracted as of May 22nd, 2017.

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