Casa Batlló facade


Casa Batlló is a private institution which is currently self-financing through its own resources thanks to a long and costly portfolio of prior investments, as well as the perseverance and caring dedication of its owners over many years in restoring, preserving and disseminating this exceptional work of architectural heritage.

With the legitimate motive of protecting this heritage, various registered trademarks exist, in different countries and categories, as regards both the name and the graphic image.

Casa Batlló’s graphical representation and its logo are a registered trademark, the ownership of which gives Casa Batlló S.L.U. the exclusive right of reproduction.

Through these records and the private ownership of the building, the images of Casa Batlló cannot be reproduced without prior written permission, whereby various licensees currently exist that manufacture products under license in areas of publishing, stationery, key rings, magnets, ceramic and resin items and textiles.

Application for Licensed Products

Request for Licence to use images

Request for Permission to make an audiovisual report

In any case, CASA BATLLÓ reserves the right to approve or reject the licenses and permissions relating to obtaining, using and disseminating the images and can apply the applicable tariffs in each case. In addition, with the aim of maintaining the proper functioning of cultural visits, on certain occasions these reports may be subject to certain time conditions.