Finca Güell

This estate was Gaudí‘s first work for the man who became his patron and his friend, and it marked the beginning of an intense and productive professional relationship.
Güell owned several estates in Barcelona, in the district known today as Zona Universitaria, and he commissioned Gaudí to design the boundary wall and the gates giving access to this property. He also subsequently asked the architect to build the stables and various other small buildings. In these, Gaudí used, for the first time, cut pieces of tiles in the form of a mosaic, in a style which has become universally known as trencadís, from the Catalan word trencar, meaning «to break» in English.

The most important part of this work as a whole is its iron gate: it is a great triumph of craft, in which Gaudí combined all of the different techniques he knew for forging iron.
Nowadays, the best surviving vestige of this estate is its dragon. Gaudí recreated the legend of Ladon, the dragon which guarded the entrance to the Garden of the Hesperides, in tribute to the Catalan poet Verdaguer and his epic poem «L´Atlàntida».