Casa Vicens

Gaudí was given this commission in the year that he graduated, 1878. He was 26 years old when he was faced with his first major project.

Casa Vicens, located in what was then the town of Gràcia, was intended as the second home of Manuel Vicens Montaner. Gràcia, which was separate from Barcelona but adjacent to it, was a very popular spot with many of the middle-class families of the day.

The structure stands out for its simplicity, its colouring, its natural motifs, its abundant decoration, and above all for its boldness.

The building includes features which are precursors to modernism, in that it displays a combination of traditional materials and decorative arts as well as being strongly reminiscent of Moorish and oriental architecture.

The characteristic features of the house are its ornamentation, and above all its marigolds.