On 17 September at 9.00pm, five short animated films will be screened in the Modernist Courtyard. This is an exclusive event with only 50 tickets available

The 25 winners of a double ticket will receive an email on September 12.

A Warrior’s Dream
Directed by: Li Jin
Written by: Li Jin
Genre: Animation/short film
Duration: 3:17 min.
Synopsis: A Warrior’s Dream is an animated short film in 3D, with a photorealist visual style. The story involves a battle between a martial arts fighter and his imaginary opponent. The fighter finally realises that his most formidable opponent is himself. The film ends with a calligraphy version of Bruce Lee’s advice, “Follow your own path”.

The Temple of Feng Xue Shan Shen
Directed by: Wen Jie/Sun Wei
Genre: Animation/short film
Duration: 13 min
Synopsis: In spite of having served as a martial arts instructor for the Imperial Guard, Lin Chong is a modest man who only dreams of living out the rest of his life happily with his wife. However, in a society experiencing a state of ongoing degeneration, it is impossible for decent people to resist based only on their dignity. He has a dispute with Grand Marshall Gao, who sets a trap by sending him out to harvest a distant field. That same night, his shack collapses under the weight of the snow and Lin Chong must seek refuge elsewhere, spending the night at a nearby temple. However, he is followed by the minions of Grand Marshall Gao, and he must defend himself against a deadly attack.

The Country of Summer Insects
Directed by: Tang Bohua
Written by: Wang Jian, Xiong Lei, Tang Bohua
Genre: Animation/short film
Duration: 17 min
Synopsis: In a distant place far to the south, almost at the end of the sky, there was a country near the sea called the Country of Summer Insects. The lives of its inhabitants only lasted for three quarters of a year, since they were born in the spring and died in the autumn. A note in theirhistorical records says: “Ice was the most valuable thing of the world”, but when the residents of the country were asked about the importance of ice, nobody knew anything. One brave general decided to build a great ship to search for this thing called “ice”. You cannot talk about the ocean to a frog who lives in a puddle, because the environment it lives in has put limitations on it.

The Assassin: The Prequel
Directed by: Wen Jie
Genre: Animation/short film
Duration: 4:17 min
Synopsis: Ferocious winds blow away the high clouds, and weeds spread throughout nature. Our story begins during the reign of Zhen Guan from the Tang Dynasty. Nie Yinniang is the 10-year-old daughter of a general. She is already engaged to marry one of the general’s cousins, Tian Ji’an, but she is abducted by a female monk who initiates her into the martial arts in a remote mountain range. They spent three years there and Nie Yinniang becomes an expert. However, her sense of humanity, which was repressed during that time, prevents her from becoming an exceptional assassin. Two more years passed before one night, by the light of the moon, Nie Yinniang and her monk master fight with swords in a bamboo forest, both with their eyes blindfolded. This could be the test representing the end of Nie Yinniang’s training, but it could also represent the beginning of a long and painful journey for her.

White Snake
Directed by: Ruan Junting
Genre: Animation /short film
Duration: 5:39 min
Synopsis: This animated short is part of the “Legend of White Snake”. It is an example of the relationship between a man and a woman in a patriarchal society dominated by men. For 1,000 years, White Snake has been perfecting the process of turning into a beautiful woman. When she meets a man at the Western Lake of Hangzhou, White Snake unexpectedly falls in love.

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