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That morning Nuria’s mum did not bring her uniform to her. The customary grey skirt had been courteously discarded in a corner of the bedroom and had given way to trousers with black and white diamonds with shiny fabric and satin. The little girl did not understand anything, and amused, looked at her mother, who was very meticulous in ensuring that all the details of the upper part were perfectly in place. “Ah, I mustn’t forget your hat”.
“What? A hat?”- Nuria asked. Suddenly, a curious crescent shaped hat with rounded tips descended from above. Her mother pulled it down so far that the girl’s head swayed a bit from side to side. Her mother couldn’t stop laughing because whenever Nuria moved her head, it made a very funny sound.
“Why am I making a noise mum?”, asked the girl.
“There are two bells dear, look at the ends of the hat. You are dressed as a harlequin. Do you know what a harlequin is?” Obviously, the girl’s silence was the response that the mother was familiar with. “A harlequin is one of the main characters in the Carnival. People look at them and they make people smile wherever they go”.
Nuria looked herself up and down. She was very pleased with her mission: to make people happy. How fun! “Did you know that people dress in bright-coloured clothes and wear festive elements and cheerful masks to celebrate the Carnival?” the mother asked the new little harlequin.
“Are you going to dress up too mum?”
“Yes, I will”.
“And dad? And granny? And my friend Aina? And cousin Toni?” The girl had worked up a head of steam and had begun asking a series of excited questions.
“Yes, yes, yes, Nuria, everyone will be dressing up for your school celebration”.
“And my doll? And the trees? And the houses?”

The mother rolled her eyes, smiled and let out a sigh while putting the mask on the girl. “No little Nuria, the houses don’t dress up. You have some ideas dear!”
Minutes later, the girl was on the school bus on her way to her Carnival celebration. Suddenly, at a traffic light, at number 43 Passeig de Gràcia, Nuria’s eyes became fixed on an enormous building. The House seemed to be built out of multi-coloured confetti and Nuria couldn’t stop looking at it. The balconies were like carnival masks and the roof, in particular, left her stunned. A hat like mine!! The only House that dresses up for the Carnival!

Do you want to experience the magic of Carnival? Come to Casa Batlló and make this day unforgettable

Casa Batlló is the only house that dresses up for the Carnival and we can’t help but get excited in the build-up to these celebrations.

On 15, 16 and 17 February, Casa Batlló will give all who visit us marvellous masks designed by the young illustrator Sandra Suárez (@artedemirar).

Likewise, and eager for you to unleash your creativity and inspiration, Casa Batlló has organised a fun and original mask competition.

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