Cinq conseils pour visiter la Casa Batllo

(Español) ¿Por qué visitar Casa Batlló?

Casa Batlló

Perhaps you have read lists such as “five tips for visiting Barcelona” or even “five reasons for visiting museums”. No doubt they are interesting lists with good options. However, today we are offering something more desirable. 5 tips for visiting Casa Batlló.

Excessive responsibilities, routine and daily life can have a significant effect on our mood. We live in the technological era in which gadgets invade our lives from the moment we are awakened by the alarm clock on our mobile phones to the time we fall asleep watching TV or reading on our tablets. We often surprise ourselves in the constant search for a more relaxed lifestyle, acknowledging the need for leisurely activities that encourage us to exercise our grey matter with more pleasant and relaxed topics.

Casa Batlló is undoubtedly an ideal option that meets all of these requirements.

1) Museums generate and share knowledge: A museum is always alive. Some may think that these places only contain ancient and obsolete works or temporary exhibitions with an expiry date. Casa Batlló is a living house and this keeps it continuously in motion. It is a clear example/display of the five senses meeting in one work. Casa Batlló is a place in which to look, think, get excited, enjoy, get to know, ask questions and see other realities.

2) Because after seeing one, you will want to visit more: Culture is addictive and when you visit Casa Batlló you will need to experience it again. Gaudí’s genius surprises us on the outside and warms our hearts on the inside. To enter its outdoor courtyards and rooms is to open your mind and spirit to a wonderfully stimulating journey.

3) They work as indescribable time machines: We are absorbed in the transience of day-to-day reality and forced to carry out endless tasks, lists and errands. Many things to focus on and unending meetings make it impossible for us to remember that there used to be another more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle. The so-called “slow life” was quite similar to that displayed in Casa Batlló, where the corridors and rooms encourage us to take our time to observe, where the rooms powerfully attract our attention and beauty is displayed in all parts of the House. Visiting Casa Batlló is an almost dream-like experience that surrounds us and it deserves to be enjoyed in a relaxed and slow manner.

4) They provide a palpable historical interpretation of what they keep: Casa Batlló gives us a first-person experience in the original environment and surroundings of what was a home in 1906. For a few hours, adults and children will be peers of Antoni Gaudí and the Batlló Family. Museums inherently provide an explanation about the past and this is the only way in which we can understand the future.

5) Because the mind lives off experiences: We spend around six years of our lives watching TV and another few using our mobile phones and other technological devices. We spend a lot of time occupied but very little entertained and memories always last a long time. What better way is there to break with our routines than by visiting Casa Batlló? We plan trips but sometimes we forget to truly experience the places we go to. Museums open our minds to the world of dreams and creativity and there are occasions, such as this, in which we don’t need to go very far to be absorbed in its world. Casa Batlló is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 365 days a year. There are no excuses.

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