Tour the Casa Batlló through the augmented reality experience of our SmartGuide (included in your ticket price). Your visit culminates among the chimneys of the Modernist roof with a glass of cava in your hand, as you enjoy the magic of dusk in Barcelona.

The SmartGuide allows you to peek into the life of the Batlló family more than a hundred years ago and to see their house with the decoration and furniture of the period. What’s more, the SmartGuide will take you into Gaudí’s imagination through animations of his organic forms. Finally, you’ll enjoy a glass of cava on the magnificent Dragon’s Roof, a truly unique experience!



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This tour includes…

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    Toast at the magnificent Dragon's Terrace with cava

    Tour the whole house from the main floor to the rooftop
  • SmartGuide

    Discover Gaudí’s imagination through augmented reality!

    Make the most of the Wi-Fi, available throughout the building, and share your photos!

Don’t miss the Casa Batlló interior

You’ll fall in love with the interior of Gaudí’s jewel


The Batlló family’s splendid private entrance hallway, accessed through a large door opening out onto the main communal hall. With a hallway that evokes the undersea grottos of Captain Nemo and a series of skylights that look like turtle shells, sinuously vaulted walls and a spectacular staircase, its fine carved hardwood bannister, representative of the coiled backbone of some vast beast.


On this floor we find Mr. Batlló’s former study, with its romantic fireplace, in its day a perfect spot for courting couples. Moreover, the salon, with its three interconnected spaces and large windows, providing panoramic views of Passeig de Gràcia and allowing the light to flood in, and its undulating ceiling, alluding to the power of the sea.


From the Batlló family’s dining room, on the interior of the Noble Floor, there is access to an exclusive rear patio, of 230 m2. This space, with its memorable paving, laid out around the main ornamental element of a large planter, decorated with circular tiles and glass trencadís in different ranges of greens, blues and reds.


This is a service area for the tenants of those flats that had washtubs and storage rooms, characterised by simplicity of form, the redolent Mediterranean inspiration of the colour white and the omnipresent light. There is an outstanding succession of 60 catenary arches, reminiscent of an animal’s ribcage, perhaps of the dragon whose backbone arches over the roof terrace.


A space that Gaudí provided with its own personality, the dragon’s back, characterising the façade. Gaudí represents this mythical animal’s spine with tiles in a range of colours and the trencadís technique. The terrace is also adorned with four sets of sinuously formed and polychromatic chimneys, reminiscent of bunches of mushrooms, and designed to prevent the smoke blowing back down the chimney.