We guarantee a protected visit with innovative hygiene measures

We have designed a new visit that guarantees the safety of everyone, betting on the latest technology in hygiene and offering real time information to the visitor

During the months of confinement, we have dedicated all our efforts to ensuring the health, welfare and safety of our visitors and staff. Our challenge was to offer a safe visit in a unique place: a World Heritage Site created for the enjoyment of the senses. A challenge that we have overcome by incorporating innovative hygiene and prevention measures and offering all the information in real time to the visitor.

For the safety of all, Casa Batlló has applied the general regulations for all the monuments (reduction of capacity, use of masks, etc). Furthermore, we have designed a new visit that guarantees safety thanks to the latest technology and a large team of experts.

Maximum air purification
To achieve maximum air purification and sanitation 24 hours a day, Casa Batlló has installed a Bipolar Needle Tip Ionization System (IBPA) in all the air conditioning units of the House, as well as HEPA and Carbon-active filters in the ventilation ducts. The IBPA guarantees in 30 minutes a 99.4% inactivation rate in SARS-CoV2 both in the air and in the different wall and ceiling materials. At Casa Batlló the IBPA will be in operation all day long to guarantee maximum protection.
Casa Batlló, in its search for excellence and maximum safety for visitors and employees, is distinguished by being the first company in the world to certify the result of Ionized Air Quality in a building, entering into the study of airborne pathogens. and surface, as well as hygiene processes, with the APPLUS certification and the collaboration of Pradditive engineering.

Disinfection of equipment with ultraviolet light
For the disinfection of the Augmented Reality audio guide equipment, there has been installed an Ultraviolet Light cleaning system that guarantees 99.9% disinfection.

Capacity reduction and new protocols
These technological measures coexist with an increase in the frequency and intensity of cleaning the House with more specialized employees. The capacity has also been reduced and a new entry and visit protocol has been designed:
-Shoe disinfection.
-Temperature measurement.
-Safety distance at the door and during the visit
-Disinfectant gel devices at the entrance and at different points of the house.
-Mandatory use of mask.

Real time information for the visitor
At the same time, Casa Batlló has prepared a quality control panel that will provide real-time data related to the hygiene of the House, offering maximum transparency to the visitor and the team. This panel will be visible both at the entrance and on the Casa Batlló website from July 1st. The information shown will allow to know the capacity, air quality status and humidity levels, Sulfur Monoxide (SO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Ozone (O3), Total Suspended Particles (TSP) among others.

Compliance with the regulations of UNESCO and its advisory bodies
The measures adopted by Casa Batlló adhese the protocols and recommendations of international bodies such as UNESCO, who have followed up on the closure and reopening of all World Heritage sites, including this Work by Antoni Gaudí. Furthermore, the museum participated in and follows the guidelines set by ICOMOS and ICCROM, advisory bodies to the aforementioned international institution. The guidelines set by these institutions have served as a basis and we can say that we have far exceeded them. This joint work places Casa Batlló at the highest international standards in the protection and safeguarding of cultural heritage while at the same time disseminating and bringing the local public closer to it through exemplary hygiene measures.