We are dressing up in blue for autism!

We are dressing up in blue for autism!


This Sunday 2 April is The World Autism Awareness Day

Casa Batlló is joining the “Connecta’t al Blau” (Connect to Blue) campaign with the aim of breaking down the barriers of autism together.  For this reason, on Sunday 2 April, we are going to light up our façade in colour blue, as so are other emblematic buildings in the city of Barcelona and other large cities.

Autism is a largely unknown disorder, at all levels. “The fact that there are still several myths and cliches that are dogging people with autism is a genuine barrier in terms of their social inclusion“, says the APRENEM Association, which has been working for 11 years towards defending the rights of people with autism and improving their quality of life and that of their families.  

In addition, the Association will hold the Celebration for Autism with many family and humanitarian activities in different points of Barcelona under the slogan “Connecta’t al Blau”.

We welcome you to pass by Casa Batlló on Sunday from 8.30 pm onwards and take a selfie in front of the blue façade to share it on your social network pages using the hashtag #ConnectatAlBlau.