The five corners of Casa Batllo that people cannot stop shooting!

Photos, photos, photos. Have you ever felt the relentless need to take a picture? Do you use your mobile more as a camera than to call or be called? In this case you will enjoy visiting Casa Batllo like a child, a magical place where every corner is immortalised and it is a place where you can take the best pictures in all of Barcelona!

We are surrounded by images and attractive incentives that get our attention constantly.

For some time now, the need to share what we are experiencing has become priority in our daily lives. Fortunately, the immediacy that technology has put in our hands, has made it almost-impossible to stay still without taking that desired photo or two.
All around you there are special places that invite you to let your imagination run wild and start your creative healthy competition flying.

Casa Batllo is one of those magical spots where in every corner you can become like a child again. These are the five most photographed places in Antoni Gaudí´s Colourful Gem:

1) The facade. Without doubt, like a good cake it enters the eye and conquests from its humble position in the window. Yes, there are more cupcakes, but none like this. Casa Batllo´s Facade is an erupting volcano of exceptional colours, it is a masquerade and a feast of textures. For sure there is no house quite like this one. Tip: Do not keep the photographic urges you will feel inside, it is impossible.

2) The Lightwell. The blue tiles, the upper skylight, the light that emerges etc. A compendium of infinite forms and blues make this place one of the most photographed area of the house. The view on offer from the lobby often leaves those who contemplate it opened mouthed. From whatever angle you choose it will turn out wonderfully!

3) The main floor lounge. At this point of the route, be prepared for panoramic views. The majesty and elegance of the main hall with the colours of the windows, provide a unique experience for the senses. A space for a closer look, so as not to miss any details, to play with the backlights and shadows of other visitors. There is a surprise ending that all equally fall in love with. When looking at the ceiling, a golden coloured lamp creates a sense of motion while providing a heliocentric view of the room. It is inevitable not to give to the whirlpool of extreme exquisite creativity.

4) The Attics. If you see people walk head down past this area of the house, do not think that they feel depressed. Not at all! Anyone who comes to the Casa Batllo suffers love at first sight when they step onto the tiles on the top of the building. Hydraulic pavement and a mosaic of flowers, make this moment a must have in your photo album. The succession of pure white catenary arches that give a feeling of complete harmony and landlocked that captivates the soul. In addition, the feeling of being inside a chest, as if you were in a giant rib, makes creativity fly to unsuspected limits.

5) The roof. At this spot, stop, look, breathe and see infinity. Montjuïc in the background, the Olympic ring, Paseo de Gracia at its feet, the spine of a daring dragon. All these colours that can be seen from the street are even more breathtaking when viewed up close!
It’s time to close your eyes and enjoy the climax of the moment. The photos that can be taken here will explode with joy and what´s more they can add a lot of colour to your Instagram.

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