Casa Batlló celebrates the World Watercolour Day!

Casa Batlló celebrates the World Watercolour Day!


The World Watercolour Day has been celebrated every 23th of November since 2001, by the initiative of the Master Alfredo Guati Rojo. The main reason to have this celebration is to pay tribute to the water olour painting technique and to the people who do this all over the world.

At Casa Batlló, we also want to pay our little tribute to all the artists that dare to reproduce one of Gaudí’s masterpiece. That is because drawing and painting Casa Batlló is not easy at all…

Its ceramic circles with gradient colour, the trencadís (mosaic) that covers almost the entire facade, the dragon’s scales represented by ceramic pieces on the roof, constitute a composition that becomes a challenge for the most brave watercolour artists!


In this compilation of images we can see many examples of illustrations done by some of Casa Batlló visitors and shared on Instagram. They are: @annaguerram, @reginadelcaos, @lysannebekker,  @irene_brilliant, @nikkiepetrova@blauna.illustration y @where_summer_is.efremova_elena (header image).

In addition, Teresa Vidal Page, Degree in Fine Arts, also gave Casa Batlló a watercolour illustration of Casa Batlló facade as a gift in 2012.

If you have also drawn and painted any illustration using the watercolour technique or any other, you can share it on your social media profiles with the hashtag #casabatllo!

Have a nice Worl Watercolour Day!