Film at Casa Batlló!

Film at Casa Batlló!


Casa Batlló joins the 1st edition of the Lychee Film Festival

From 15 to 22 September 2017, the city of Barcelona will host Barcelona’s first Chinese film festival, the Lychee Film Festival. In the words of the organisers, the festival aims to show quality film produced by the Asian giant, beyond Kung Fu films and ‘Oriental mysteries’. The name Lychee comes from a fruit that’s been cultivated in China for more than two thousand years: a fruit that’s beautiful, sweet and fresh – just as this festival will be for the public.

With workshops and intellectual and artistic forums, the Lychee Festival will have various themes: a selection of Soft Kung Fu New Wu Xia films, an official selection of contemporary film, and a selection of short animations which will be shown at Casa Batlló. Five short films will be screened: A Warrior’s Dream (Li Jin), The Temple of Feng Xue Shan Shen (Wen Jie, Sun Wei), The Country of Summer Insects (Tang Bohua), The Assassin: the Prequel (Wen Jie), and White Snake (Ruan Junting).

If you want to come and enjoy these five short animation film screenings on 17 September at Casa Batlló, we’re giving away one of 25 double entrance tickets.