Casa Batlló’s Magic Nights will promote ‘Smiles and Laughter’ 2018 project

Casa Batlló’s Magic Nights will promote ‘Smiles and Laughter’ 2018 project


The modernist jewel of Antoni Gaudí will promote a project together with Payasos sin Fronteras (Clowns without borders) for kids in social exclusion situations and poverty.

Casa Batlló‘s Magic Nights are allways a good thing to do at night when you are in Barcelona, but moreover, this summer, you have some further reason to come and enjoy this cultural and leisure offer.

This year, a percentage of the money raised with the tickets of Magic Nights will be destined to promote the ‘Smiles and Laugher 2018’ project lead by the Spanish NGO ‘Payassos sin Fronteras’ (Clowns without borders). This project aims to offer emotional support to kids who suffer vulnerabilites or social exclusion through shows played by professional circus artists (clowns, acrobats and jugglers). ‘Smiles and Laughters 2018’ will be held from next Frebruary to December 2018 at cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca, Málaga and some other province capitals.

What is Clowns Without Borders? Casa Batllo’s staff had the pleasure to interview Tortell Poltrona, founder of the NGO, and talk with him about how the organization was created, how do they help people with their shows, and above all, we spoke about ‘Smiles and Laughter’ 2018, the project that Casa Batlló will help to fund with a percentage of the Magic Night’s ticket sales.

More information on the project ‘Smiles and Laughters 2018’ at Payasos sin fronteras’ website.