Casa Batlló joins the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers Programme

Young people from all over the world will learn first-hand about the restoration process and the management model of this work by Antonio Gaudí

UNESCO’s World Heritage Volunteer Programme has included the project “The Restoration of Casa Batlló, from inside to beyond its walls” in its 2019 campaign, the first time in the history of this programme to include a site in Spain. This UNESCO initiative, launched in 2008, promotes the participation of young people in different tasks related to the conservation, communication, management and awareness-raising of the outstanding universal value of World Heritage sites.

Each year, UNESCO only accepts around 50 projects worldwide from over 1,000 sites with project submission possibilities, either because they are inscribed as World Heritage or on the so-called Tentative List, which includes those aspiring to become World Heritage sites in the future. The evaluation of proposals goes through a rigorous selection process that seeks to be representative of all regions of the world and includes natural, cultural and mixed sites.

Of the 48 sites inscribed by Spain, never before in its history had one of them been included in this prestigious programme, so Casa Batlló, a site inscribed in 2005 within the Works of Antonio Gaudí, is a pioneer in achieving this distinction. This fact reinforces its commitment to preserve this World Heritage property and contributes to the awareness of new generations and the training of young people who, through this project, will learn and contribute at the same time to the amazing restoration begun in 2018.

The project accepted by UNESCO contemplates the participation of 10 young people from different nationalities in diverse tasks of learning and implementation of the techniques of restoration and documentation that are being carried out in Casa Batlló. Among the activities that will take place are the documentation tasks of Casa Batlló, a trencadís restoration workshop, a specialized visit to the property and a workshop of its private management model stand out.

The project will be carried out from 12 to 23 November 2019 and will have the partnership of the German NGO European Heritage Volunteers and the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, the Department of Culture of the Catalonian Government. the University of Barcelona, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Amatller Institute of Hispanic Art.

Those interested in participating should contact Amilcar Vargas, head of World Heritage of Casa Batlló and project coordinator, by writing to