Casa Batlló delivers answers through videos

Casa Batlló delivers answers through videos


The new short videos aim to answer the visitors comments

At Casa Batlló, we have initiated a series of videos that will answer some of the many comments that we receive through TripAdvisor every day.

We always read and analyse the reviews, comments and messages that we receivedayly through our multiple channels of communication, and we answer most of them with the purpose of letting users know that we listen to them and value their contributions. The opinions of those who have visited Casa Batlló are very important to us, as we continuously seek to improve ourselves.

It is for this reason that we have launched a series of short videos: to provide visitors, that make the effort of writing their own opinion on TripAdvisor, with proper answers and to help other visitors choose the sights to see in Barcelona.

We encourage you to continue contributing and writing your opinions, and thus help improve Casa Batlló every day and provide visitors with a memorable experience.

We invite you to watch the first video, which raises the question of whether it is worth visiting Casa Batlló’s interior or just catching a glimpse of the façade is enough… Let the people be the judge!