Casa Batlló

Letter from Director

Managing, preserving and publicising Casa Batlló

Dear friends of Casa Batlló,

I would like to be able to express to all of you who are visiting our website just how exciting it is to be here, enjoying the house from day to day, managing activities and operations so that the structure which supports this valuable part of our heritage runs smoothly and translates into a satisfying experience for all our visitors.

We have taken on the challenge not only of managing and preserving this architectural treasure and World Heritage Site, but also of making it known to the world. What I am talking about is the importance of maintaining it in the best possible condition inside and out, and preventing it from suffering any damage or deterioration. We are proud to welcome all those who are keen to make themselves at home in Casa Batlló, by celebrating their most important events here. It is also an honour to welcome the hordes of visitors who wish to see, experience and enjoy the inside of this unique building, and who are carried away by its inexpressible magic.

I hope that this website will help you to understand the historical context in which Gaudí built this magnificent residential building over a century ago, on the orders of the wealthy textile industrialist Josep Batlló. We welcome any suggestions that you might have, and we constantly strive to improve any aspect that could contribute to our visitors’ comfort. We trust that the information and pictures that we have provided on this site will enchant you and persuade you to come and visit us in the flesh.

I hope to see you very soon!

Nina Bernat
Managing Director