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International Year of Gaudí


Today Gaudí has become a world-famous architect, the top name in Catalan architecture. Over the years, his works have gone from being obscure or even criticised to achieving international renown and being symbols and icons of an increasingly global Barcelona. In fact, 2002 was declared the International Year of Gaudí in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his birth. […]


Antoni Gaudí

An overview of the life of Gaudi, his work and architecture. The genius who never ceases to fascinate.
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Antoni Gaudí died


Antoni Gaudí died on June 10th, three days after being hit by a tram, in the Hospital of the Holy Cross, between five and six in the afternoon, according to the newspapers of the time, which also echo the crowd of people who came to the hospital to say their last goodbye to the 74 […]

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Was knocked down by tram


Antoni Gaudí was hit by a tram from the 30th line on June 7 in the “Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes”, between the streets Girona and Bailen, as he was goingto the Sant Felip Neri Church. For his unkempt appearance was not recognised, it was even mistaken for a beggar and was not rescued […]

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A major exhibition in Paris


In 1910 a major exhibition of Gaudí’s work opened in the Gran Palais in Paris, and this was the only exhibition outside of Spain dedicated to the architect during his lifetime.

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The Crypt in Güell´s Colony


This church is part of an ambitious industrial complex, in the town of Santa Coloma de Cervello (Barcelona). A large textile factory that Eusebi Güell, the great patron of Gaudí, launched in 1890. Mr. Güell´s goal with Colonia Güell was he wanted to be away from the city, where trade union movement was growing and […]

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Casa Batlló Double Bench


This double bench was designed by Gaudí for the dining room in Casa Batlló. Although it looks like a single piece, it is in fact composed of several different parts fitted together. Its design, with a dividing armrest and two seats which face in different directions, gives it a rather unusual and unexpected appearance, as it breaks the […]

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Casa Batlló sewing chair


Sewing Chair, designed by Gaudí for Mrs. Batlló. It adapts to the body posture. Its line eludes straight shapes.

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Casa Batlló Chair


This elegant chair was designed by Gaudí for the dining room in Casa Batlló. It is one of the first items of furniture to be ergonomically adapted. Its design presents a reduction of the structure to the bare minimum and an adaptation of the shape to the human body, resulting in a high level of comfort. There is […]

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Casa Milà (“La Pedrera”)


This house is located on a vast plot on the corner of Passeig de Gràcia and Provença. Mr. and Mrs. Milà awarded the project to Gaudí, who at the age of 54 was at the height of his career. As a result, the architect hoped to work with complete creative liberty; however, he found himself fettered […]