Casa Batlló receives the Special Mention in the 2021 European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention

The Special Mention for Restoration is awarded to Casa Batlló's intervention, which from a technical and methodological point of view has stood out for its quality, precision and respect.

The Casa Batlló restoration project, led by Xavier Villanueva, Ignasi Villanueva, Mireia Bosch and Ana Atance, has been awarded for offering a respectful and technically high quality restoration, which makes possible the resurgence of an initial project that has partially disappeared and achieves the recovery of an altered work, respecting its identity.

Casa Batlló recently restored, a trip to the origins.

The visitor will see the best version of Casa Batlló, since in 2017 one of the most impressive restorations carried out by the Bernat family since its acquisition in 1995 began. The restoration project has allowed the recovery of the original stuccoes of the Noble Floor, the discovery and reproduction of the wainscoting as well as the recovery of lamps and different decorative elements with full respect for the original architectural work and preserving its authenticity. Finally, it is worth highlighting the restoration of the main façade, which was carried out from January to May 2019 and which involved professionals from 7 different guilds who intervened in it to clean it, restore it and apply different conservation techniques; a particularly complex process due to the use of the 5 materials that compose it (stone, iron, ceramic, glass and wood), each of which required a specific treatment.

The European Award for Intervention in Architectural Heritage, organized by the COAC (College of Architects of Catalonia) and AADIPA (Association of Architects for Defense and Intervention in Architectural Heritage) announced the finalists and winners on June 17 within the framework of the V International Biennial of Intervention in Architectural Heritage.

To disseminate these historic restoration works, Casa Batlló has developed a microsite ( interviewing experts and documenting the restorations carried out in the Noble Floor and facade, as well as the work of different artisans in the recovery of original decorative elements.