New dimensions of a unique cultural visit in the world

A multidimensional experience addressed to the 5 senses to understand Gaudí's genius and enjoy the beauty of Casa Batlló.

Casa Batlló’s new tour offers visitors a journey into the mind of Antoni Gaudí through the masterful union of technology, heritage and art through an emotional narrative thread that reveals the beauty of the nature of a unique site in the world. But what are the 10 dimensions of this experience? Starting from the idea of the 5 senses, their relationship with human perceptions (tangible) and the construction of emotions and experiences (intangible), we introduce you to the multidimensionality of this new experience that enhances the essence of Gaudí’s masterpiece.

A 3D never seen before
We present the first virtual reality experience that doesn’t need glasses. Incredible, but true! That’s why we have designed the immersive room Gaudí Cube, the first and only LED cube in the world, to immerse yourself in Gaudí’s mind and see reality through his eyes. A technology ahead of its time capable of changing the perception of reality, allowing the impossible and transmitting unique sensations and feelings. Other spaces host impossible volumetric projections, bringing together disciplines such as sculpture and mapping in a way never seen before.

Three-dimensional sound
The different immersive rooms, as well as the headphones and their musical and narrative content, are developed with three-dimensional technologies, generating an immersive sound proposal that accompanies visitors during their visit. Proof of this are the 21 audio channels installed in Gaudí Dôme that recreate the sound of nature in 3D.

The new olfactory dimension
Delicate olfactory interventions accompany visitors on their tour, with evocative aromas that enhance the sensations experienced in different spaces and audiovisual productions.

A House to caress
Casa Batlló is made for the enjoyment of the senses and touch is one of them. In a building full of craftsmanship, countless details beg to be caressed. Therefore, our story explicitly invites you to touch the house.

Art in movement
The immersive Gaudí Dôme room has a rotating platform and wind effects that add dynamism to the experience, complementing the sensations experienced and enhancing a sometimes forgotten dimension.

Casa Batlló continues to innovate in the cultural and tourism sector, being a world reference in best practices for the protection of world heritage and the management of meaningful, emotionally impacting and technologically attractive experiences for all audiences.