November 2014
Open 9h to 21h
(last entry 20:20h)
Under the heading “Gaudí, an architecture ahead of its time” the MNAC and the Catalan government have organized an exhibition that provides an exhaustive overview of the great architect life and work.
You still don’t know beQbe? An open space to go seeking for inspiration, or to let oneself be found by it. A gift to all those who wish to create their little world of interesting topics and a showcase for filling their sight with the most creative and innovative contents.
Casa Batlló among the most photographed sites in Instagram by Barcelona visitors
Takehiko Inoue, author of such well known Manga-Magazines as “Slam Dunk” or “Vagabond”, was designated cultural Ambassor of the year of Spain and Japan, which commemorated their 400 years of relationship.
One more year Casa Batlló will light up in pink to mark the World Breast Cancer Day, from 7 pm to 1 am, in the morning.
Rincones de #Barcelona: la #CasaBatlló, con el personal y modernista sello de #Gaudí #turismo #Cataluña
Sencillamente increible, una casa impresionante con muchos detalles que recuerdan al mar y a criaturas marinas de fantasia.
¿Conoces la simbología de @CasaBatlloGaudi? En su interior se esconde un dragón, creo que te está mirando #casabatllo
Its almost difficult to believe this place was built and functioned as an actual residence #casabatlló
Si vous êtes à Barcelone cet été, allez assister aux nuits magiques à la #CasaBatllo, ça vaut vraiment la peine, #Gaudi
Cuando el arte es manipulado por artistas ofrece resultados como el del video Love #CasaBatllo #Barcelona #Gaudi
Impresionante no, lo siguiente!! #CasaBatllo #Barcelona #Gaudi
Bonita forma tenía Gaudí de hacer la cosas, con amor #casabatllo
Great video about one of the most amazing buildings in Barcelona. #love #CasaBatllo
Casa Batllo, now a UNESCO site, in Barcelona is a must see. #casabatllo #barcelona #gaudi #worldheritage