April 2014
Open 9h to 21h
(last entry 20:20h)
“Forge and colour in Casa Batlló. Asymmetrical but balanced forms” by the user @LATSAlomao, has been chosen as the new winner for this late edition. Thank you for this gift made of talent and creativity!
Did you know that the magical legend comes to life and takes shape in Gaudí’s masterpiece? You will not find a better place to celebrate Saint George’s Day!
All signs indicate that Antoni Gaudí and Bishop Campins will become the real protagonists of Mallorca’s Cathedral this 2014 and next 2015, the year marking the centenary of the architect’s restoration.
Juan Eduardo Cirlot (Barcelona, 1916-1973) was a multifaceted author: he was a poet, composer, essayist, art critic and a specialist in the analysis of symbols.
On April the 2nd, Casa Batlló with Imaginary Planet Foundation will take part in a dissemination act on the Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEA) to commemorate the World Autism Awareness Day.
Casa Batllo, one of Guadi's masterpieces! #casabatllo #barcelona #antonigaudi #catalunya
Jjust walking #PaseodeGracia you see two good examples #CasaBatlló & #LaPedrera, won't miss it
La simbología de Gaudí animada en la #casaBatlló con un app de #realidadaumentada para recorrerla
El 1962 la Generalitat declara la Casa Batlló com a Bé Cultural d'Interès Nacional de Catalunya. #BehindTheArt #MuseumWeek #casabatllo
#Gaudí's #CasaBatlló as you have never seen it. Discover what is hidden inside.
Lo nunca visto de la Casa Batlló en un tour virtual en 3D - #modernismo #CasaBatllo #Gaudi #architecture
La #CasaBatlló descifra la simbología oculta de #Gaudí: #Modernismo #RealidadAumentada
Mientras espero el bus mirar que maravillas de vistas. #casabatlló #PaseodeGracia #Barcelona
Spring has arrived to Barcelona! Good morning from Casa Batlló! / #casabatllo #gaudí
What do you think was #Gaudí's inspiration when he rehabilitated the private hall of the family Batlló? #casabatllo